Best Left Buried: Deeper

Created by SoulMuppet Publishing

A new version of the rules light fantasy horror roleplaying game, Best Left Buried.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Fulfilment Update
4 days ago – Fri, Jun 18, 2021 at 05:59:39 PM

Hello everyone,

Apologies for the delay with last update. I have spent most of the last 4 works doing multiple iterations of final print files, combining the various books into the Deeper Hardcover, including having to add certain pages to remove printing. 

We've made the decision to do the print runs entirely with our offset printer in Estonia, rather than our digital printers in America and the UK. This means the books will cost less and be in higher quality, due to the different techniques of offset printing, but has made fulfillment and print setup more difficult and time consuming. 

the last couple of weeks of my life

Here are revised timescales:

  • I'm expecting books to reach the UK and be fulfilled to UK, EU and ROW customers in the next 4 weeks from now
  • We need to get the books to the US, which will take slightly longer, likely 6-8 weeks from now. 

Please update any addresses in BackerKit to reflect this new distribution times and ontact with any questions. 

Thank you for your patience while I complete the final steps necessary to bring these books to live. Completing 7 different books as part of the same KS through different printers, sizes and builds has been demanding, even for an experienced publisher like myself. The lump the hard work, however, has now passed. 

The BackerKit will closed in 60 hours, at 11:59 PM GMT on Sunday 20th June. 

After this, any customers will need to purchase books from the SoulMuppet store, or contact us directly to manage their pledge. 



BackerKit and Orbital Blues
about 2 months ago – Sat, Apr 24, 2021 at 07:23:20 PM

Hi everyone,

Two equally exciting updates today. 


Surveys will be going out momentarily for the Best Let Buried Backerkit. 

This will allow you to pay for shipping, modify your pledge, and pick up any add-ons you would like. 

Head here if you're not a backer and want to get in on the fun. 

Thanks for your support on this project. We know shipping is looking at a little steep at the moment, but we're doing the best we can to keep everything as cheap as possible, while still providing tracking for orders and pre-paying any pesky import charges you might be landed with if you're in Europe. We've started printing already, so hoping to get books to backers by the end of May! 

Orbital Blues

If you want to see more SoulMuppet Products, check out our new Kickstarter for Orbital Blues, an RPG which using to the same engine as Best Left Buried, but takes players off to the stars as they tell stories about sad space cowboys in a lo-fi space western.

Sad Space Cowboys. Art by Josh Clark.
Every crew of Outlaws get their own Spaceship, plus the art is beautiful

We're 350% funded, having already surpassed the value of this Kickstarter, and smashed through three stretch goal adventures zines, as well as creating an art book and a custom printed cassette EP.

Let us know about your experiences with the store, and email with any questions, 



Stretch Goal PDFs, Character Generator and Typohunters
3 months ago – Sun, Apr 04, 2021 at 02:34:50 AM

Hi all, 

Earlier this week we released the PDFs for the three stretch goals: Ancestries, Consequences and Heroic adventures. This 132 new pages of content essentially makes up a fourth part to the Best Left Buried: Deeper experience, and was laid out by the fantastic Lone Archivist, with writing contributions from Nick Spence and Brian Yaksha

If you backed the Kickstarter above £25, you should have received and email already. If you haven't had a chance, you can grab 'em here.

isn't that slugman dangerously attractive?

This means all the PDF content is now available, and we're about to move to printing and physical distribtion. The BackerKit will be coming as soon as we have finalised shipping figures.

We're beginning to ready the files to print, and collect the composite books into the large 'Deeper' hardcover.

I'm opening up a '#typohunters' channel on our official SoulMuppet discord, in case there are a few things we missed. Come on over to chat with us, or bop an email to if you notice anything! We're closing the chat in about 72 hours, so get those recommendations in fast if you've spotted anything. 

A final exciting note, all of these new character options are including in the NEW Best Left Buried character generator at courtesy of tech wizard David Schirduan. It generates all the details of a character (Archetype, Advancements, Equipment, Stats, and everything), with options to use the Ancestries from the new Ancestries Guide or just create fully human parties. . 

In addition, when each character is generated is creates their own URL, so you can always save it. Check out Gesine the Physiker, Yarold the Outcast or Andras the Small Folk, perfect for saving that character if you can't write it all down. 

Stay with us, and we'll get you physical books soon. 



Doomsayer's Release
3 months ago – Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 08:53:40 PM

You should have all received an email update via DriveThruRPG to let  you know we've updated the Doomsayer's Guide with the new version from  the Deeper Kickstarter! Hurrah!

Now the three books are ready, we're about to start processing the print files and get these books sent to the printers.

We're working on getting a BackerKit to you soon, and we should have this ready in the next few weeks. 

Part of this book is the new dungeon we offered as the £1 pledge level, Beware the Bone Emperor. Check it out here: 

The map and the outside of the tomb
The inside of the dungeon, with the weird collection of rooms
The monsters, including the fierce Tomb Guardian

The last digital components of the book are the three stretch goal zines: Ancestries, Heroic and Consequences. The material is towards the end of the proofing process, and we'll get it to you soon. 

We hope you enjoy the books you've seen so far, and we'll be back soon with physical copies and the BackerKit site. 



Cryptdigger's Release + PDF Screenshots + Print Update
4 months ago – Thu, Mar 04, 2021 at 01:11:44 PM

You should have all received an email update via DriveThruRPG to let you know we've updated the Cryptdigger's Guide with the new version from the Deeper Kickstarter! Hurrah! 

Click the image to check it out!

We're hard at work getting you the new books. The Doomsayer's Guide is just about to move to proofing, and is hopefully a few weeks out. My favourite bit of the new book are the Duchy Tables, each Duchy making up it's own spread, all written by Brian Yaksha. Each one has enough ideas for hooks, locations and factions to spawn an entire campaign, and there's 13 of them in the book. Check out some of them below: Roche, Keene, Salver and Ilym, the Duchies that make up the the Western Isle. 


We're also hard at work on the Stretch Goal Zinis, and LoneArchivist had been laying out the finished manuscripts. Wanna see the rules for Heroic characters in BLB? 

So charming! So powerful! So definitely not worse for wear from years of 'adventuring' in a cold dark wet cave full of goblins and ambulatory mushrooms

We've got a team of 10 people on the case to get this project done: one project manager, two editors, two layout people, two writers, one artist and one cartographer, never mind the six stretch goal writers! We're working to bring you the books as fast as we can, but things are still going to take a bit of time to finish. 

I'm hoping to have all of the PDFs for the Doomsayer's and the Stretch Goal Zines ready this month or mid-next month, then move swiftly on to printing. 

Unfortunately, there are lots of issues with fulfillment currently that are outside our control. The world postal service is fraught with delays, missing deliveries and damages. Sometimes books get stopped at borders and not released for weeks. Sometimes boxes get thrown down hills or buried in snow or one of our packages derails a train (true story, happened to a Best Left Buried shipment to Exalted Funeral in the mid-west last year). 

We also need to navigate issues caused by Brexit and Coronavirus, including record high international shipping costs, cardboard shortages, and some frustrating 'country of origin' rules which means we might have to look for a new printer. 

We're working incredibly finish the project and get some amazing books to you, but it'll help if you stay patient with us so we can navigate these issues without creating extra costs for our customers. 

I'm hoping to have everything printed sometime in April, and customers to begin seeing their physical copies soon after. 

We've delivered projects of this size before during these exceptional times, like Stygian Library, and we're confident we can do so again, particularly if we continue to work with our great fulfilment partners: Kixto and Flying Cloud Fulfillment. 

Thanks for your continued, amazing support and let us know if you enjoy the new Cryptdigger's Guide, or any of the sneak previews. Let us know what stuff you want to see more of from the ongoing projects. 

Speak soon,